Friday, February 5, 2010

Maharashtra Politics and MY CUPPA,
call it Chai Chaya or CHAHA

Rahul Gandhi is a Non beliver of Security system, WHY? because both his grand ma and dad were

KILLED with a tight SECURITY CURTAIN, curtain is word I used bcoz of its transperency, so He has made

a theory, Which I personally i stand by, of proove my point today he made a

random trail, surprising the Security system, and came as a clear winner, So cutting across all parties the

nation stands by.
about his NSG statements the media has played a dirty role, tarod marod kar rakh diya woh statement, ek

Aanch hai uske upar SABKO apni apni roti sekh ni hai..

Dont u think WHO must be a mastermind behind this?

One name comes into my mind is...........

Sharad Pawar, who wants to retain his PIVOTAL or (British OLD THEORY)

of dividence. for he has a raport with Shiv Sena and promising Toddler MNS, thinking I can manipulate and keep both at a distance(for my benefits)

everybody as in the PAST....P.C. Sangma has to do the introspection of this statement.
aur PIKAR SONEKA NAHI send in your VIEWS, though dirty, Iam Sure the comng Youngsters WILL and


anil mydev

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